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Calendar Hunks

Photographing Calendar Hunks in The Florida Keys and Miami Beach

If you didn’t know better, you might mistakenly assume a Teen Beat-type magazine published this year’s calendar because several of our Young Bucks are still teenagers. University Hunks™ offers an exciting mix of young men from a midwestern university that has cute guys of every size and shape you can imagine.

These men of the year are the campus’ hottest hunks — young, healthy and bold! Visit the OSU campus and we’ll show you a few reasons to get a little school spirited: You might see one of these centerfolds buying a study guide at Long’s Bookstore, rollerblading down College Avenue, running the steps at Ohio Stadium or picking up lunch at a local Chinese take out.

This edition’s calendar men embody what the ‘90’s college man is all about. Our models run the gambit of personality and physical types. Most have a combination of an “anything goes” attitude with an abundance of confidence, yet they still get a little embarrassed by all the fuss about their looks. Only our cover model, Don Handfield has ever been in front of the camera professionally.

No strangers to the gym, these student bodies set a premium on being physically fit and spend much of their time playing sports and lifting weights.

Boys will be boys... They kid each other during photo sessions with a tongue-in-cheek sarcastic wit that leads bystanders to think they are watching an episode of “Seinfeld.” They gave each other funny nicknames as part of their fraternity of fun.
They are partiers who fit well into the wild college life and passionately seek a good time. Knowing this, we were surprised to learn several guys do not smoke or drink.
When it comes to whom they are as people, let’s just say that if you’re looking for a husband, it’s a pretty safe bet that these campus heartthrobs can make the grade.

Genuine people, they have a lot more depth and intelligence than you might expect. They are muscle-bound, but are not dumb jocks. Ask them a question, and you’ll get an intelligent answer.
But, before you start singing the lyrics to C. C. Penniston’s hit song “Finally”, remember these boys of summer may be too hot to handle. They are, after all, young college men and only after they sew a few more wild and funky oats, will they be ready to live happily ever after.
(We’ll be waiting along with ya!)

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