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Calendar Hunks Radio Interview

[Dave] 7:49. Dave Matt and Shawn and just a minute ago where out of the street with four of the Hot University Hunks in Key West from the new 1994 calendar, plus one rather pudgy wannabe.

[Matt] Hey, I got to tell you, he was so bitter coming back. This is off the air, so it wasn't schtick. We're walking behind. These guys were walking ahead and he goes, ya know, if I win the war in my WNCI sweatshirt, they wouldn't have figured it out. I said Jimmy, what the hell are you talking about?

[Jimmy Jamm] they were all wearing ties. If I had worn a tie.

[Matt] He was dead serious. I said get out of here. He was in the University chunks calendar - which is coming out pretty soon.

[Jimmy Jamm] Real funny.

[Shawn] Honey, you don't have to take that from him.

[Dave] Let's meet some of the men in the new calendar. Would you sign in please? Go left - right.

[Chris] My name is Chris.

[Dave] Chris?

[Chris] I'm June.

[Shawn] Chris, which one am I looking at College Men or college Hunks? Or University Hunks?

[Dave] Hot University Hunks.

[Matt] Same guys, just more risqu�.

[Shawn] June.

[Shawn] Hello Joe.

[Joe] February.

[Dave] Wait, say that again.

[Joe] Joe. February.

[Dave] February, and...

[Don] I'm Don. I'm on the front cover and January.

[Dave] Okay, Don on the cover. Yeah, when we got these calendars yesterday. It's kind of revealing. We picked us up and said hey the new hot University Hunks calendar's in. Ewww, Shawn you might want to read this one. Not me.

[Matt] Wait, we got one more.

[Anthony] Hey, how's it going. My name is Anthony. Mr. March.

[Shawn] Anthony. Anthony Paisano.

[Dave] How were you guys recruited for this? Did they come to you or do you read an ad Sean took out looking for you guys?

[Shawn] Wrong Shawn. First, explain who Sean is. Shawn Petrovich is the guy every year who has put this together. How you doing Sean, you want to step and chat with us for a minute?

[Matt] How did this all, how did you pick these guys, what was the story?

[Publisher] OSU's a really is, believe it or not, a small campus and we just ask around, and just through word-of-mouth find these guys for calendar, ask people who should be in the calendar this year. Usually if find the best people on a Saturday morning when I haven't taken a shower and I'm running around my mountain bike, going to 7-11 to get a Big Gulp and I'm like Hi, you want to be in a calendar? So, then they believe me.

[Anthony] Actually I was working out in the gym, doing like a set of curls or something and he comes up to me and taps the shoulder, and I about dropped the weights on my foot. But out of nowhere this guy appears.

[Matt] Is it pretty bizarre to do this, I mean have any of you done this before?

[Anthony] I never have.

[Chris] Never really done any modeling for.

[Matt] Was it kind of odd to sit there and have your picture taken?

[Chirs] Yeah It was pretty good. You always have spectators and stuff when we did down in Florida...

[Matt] Chicks?

[Chris] Yeah, it was pretty flattering yet.

[Dave] I mean, you have those bodies that, without flattering you too much, that should be in one of these things. But I do get, how you get the real come hither looks in your eyes? I mean, obviously these are supposed to be rather sensual.

[Shawn] Oh, this one's a come hither. Hello.

[Dave] Some of them are not come hither now looks. How do you get that, I mean, do you have to recall moments of pain, pleasure, what mindset are you in?

[Shawn] I'm guessing pleasure Dave, from the looks of it...

[Don] I guess, a lot of that we are coached by the photographer but I don't know a lot of it we were recovering from hangovers.

[Matt] So, it's not come hither. Its I'm about to puke kind of thing. Alright, I got it.

[Anthony] That was one reason I was not looking at the camera in my picture my eyes were little glassy that morning.

[Matt] So, you went to Key West to do this is that right?

[Dave] Yeah, that's right.

[Anthony] Actually, my picture was taken down King Avenue in the summer. But...

[Dave] Oh, you missed the whole junket. Damn.

[Shawn] Now why two, we have two versions of the men this year, Sean. Why is that?

[Publisher] Basically, we got a lot of people, a lot of women the wrote in and said that they'd, like some of them would like to see the guys in actual clothing, so we did two calendars one with clothing and one without. So, its gives a chance for people to choose which one they want.

[Shawn] Wow.

[Dave] So wait a minute. I got the wrong one.

[Shawn] Eeeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo.

[Dave] Yeah they don't have any clothes on in this one. Can I have the one with the close please?

[Chris] I'm going to trade Shawn there.

[Shawn] No you won't. When you're on location and there are a couple here where there's some fannies and stuff and you guys are kind of draped.

[Dave] Fannie's.

[Shawn] Well, its a nice way of...

[Matt] Hi 70-year-old woman. You got some fannies...?

[Matt] How how are you walking around the beach naked? I guess she's trying to say.

[Shawn] I'm trying to be a diplomatic. Yeah how do you do that and out in public like that?

[Publisher] Well actually we did shoot in Miami Beach and Key West and one of the reasons we go down there is because the really laid-back. But the Key West police were looking for us, so they kept calling up wanting to know where we were shooting. So we'd tell them were shooting on the other side of the island when we were really shooting at this beach and said we'd be at the other one.

[Dave] Sean where are we going to get the calendars this year? Where they on sale? That's most important.

[Publisher] They're on sale almost at every bookstore that carries calendars anywhere from a professor to Long's bookstore so you just go out and they're out there up there with the Chippendales and Cindy Crawford calendars and everything.

[Matt] Oh, that's it. Now I know it. Don you look like Christian Slater. Now I know it. And make sure Brad Pitt and that Christian Slater attitude thing. Doesn't mean I want you.

[Dave] Listen, before I because we got a roll for Sports here, take this opportunity anybody want to say Hi to anyone who might be listening though?

[Chris] Yeah, I like to just say hi to my girlfriend out on campus.

[Dave] Specify, yeah, I got a girlfriend.

[Shawn] Wait, which one was he on yanking him out of the calendar.

[Matt] She is in the gal calendar.

[Don] I like to say Hi to Tina.

[Shawn] Tina.

[Anthony] I'd just like to say hi to all my friends who are probably still in bed right now. But if you happen can be up, how's it going.

[Joe] Want to say Hi to all my family. I want to make sure Angelo is up by now.

[Matt] Thanks guys for stop by.

[Chris] Oh, we have a special gift for Sean, we heard she might be able to make good use of this. We brought here some baby oil back from Florida. From the keys down there.

[Shawn] Well...

[Matt] They actually rung out their bodies and put it back in there.

[Shawn] That's okay. Thank you very much. I'm sorry could join you this year. I had an invite and that was very nice.

[Dave] And Sean Ashmore, as always thank you for bringing them down. We'll be plugging this forever. And if we ever get another chance to take the junket to Florida with Jimmy Jam, we'll get him in the next one.

[Shawn] I noticed you thanked is in the calendar. It was very nice of you.

[Dave] Pick it up at a store near you. You can't miss it it's got on the back of one...

[Shawn] You can't miss it.

[Dave] On the back of the Cool College Men you'll see, let's see, that would be Don, doing a little Christian Slater attitude pose here. That's mighty private and mighty adult, how about that?

[Shawn] They should be in every gal's college dorm room at Ohio State.

[Dave] Were you guys on Oprah or something? Why does it say we thank the Oprah Winfrey show?

[Shawn] Last year.

[Matt] Yeah, well all be darned.

Originally published Oct. 29, 1993. Story © WNCI's Morning Zoo 97.9 FM. This text is exactly as published.

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