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Hunks Photos: How Each Hunk is Depicted  

Hunks Photos

Mr. Fall: a Young Hunk

Denis's Photo...

Denis is depicted nude, with a strategically-placed palm tree covering his privates. Denis' photo was created in Key West at an expensive resort.

Mr. January: an Underwear Hunk

Don's Photo...

Don is depicted in a white thong bikini. Don's photo was created in Key West at the famous Turtle Kraals restaurant. Don had to hide his buttocks whenever restaurant-goers who were departing walked by.

Mr. February: Hunky Guys

Joe's Photo...

Joe is depicted nude, straddling a palm tree. Joe's photo was created in Key West at a resort called Simonton Court.

Mr. March: a Bodybuilder Hunk

Anthony's Photo...

Anthony is depicted with unbuttoned jeans shorts with his undies showing through. Anthony was photographed in front of a spanish-style home on King Avenue, near the Ohio State medical campus. The home was chosen because it could fake the feel of Key West.

Mr. April: a Muscle Hunk

Doug's Photo...

Doug is depicted holding a heavy metal chain in front of his privates. The chain was near a boat dock in Key West. The shoot took a long time because a black fabric was taped on Doug's penis kept coming off because Doug was sweating from the intense heat of Key West in June.

Mr. May: a Handsome Hunk

Eric's Photo...

Eric is depicted in a blue polka-dot bikini holding a coconut while leaning against a palm tree. Eric was photographed at Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys.

Mr. June: a Hot Hunk

Christopher's Photo...

Chris is depicted nude standing behind a pylon at a boat dock in Key West. The top of the pylon was elevated, so Chris had to climb nude up the pole while onlookers watched. Boat captains docking their boats could see Chris' bare butt during the entire length of the shoot.

Mr. July: a Campus Hunk

Patrick's Photo...

Pat is depicted nude laying atop a picnic table on a beach in Key West. A staffer was stationed at Pat's side and would place a towel atop Pat's butt each time a passerby walked by.

Mr. August: a Beach Hunk

CJ's Photo...

C.J. is depicted wearing a thong bikini on a Key West Beach.

Mr. September: a Beautiful Hunk

Jody's Photo...

Jody is depicted in the shadows on a beach. Jody's shot was taken at East Harbor State Park when his shots taken in Key West did not meet quality due to photographer error.

Mr. October: a Boy Hunk

Zin's Photo...

Zin is depicted holding a strategically placed net full of sponges in front of a tiki statue. Zin's shot was taken at Land's End Marina in Key West outside a souvenir shop. Each time a shopper would enter or exit the store, the photo crew would move aside so the shopper could pass.

Mr. November: a College Hunk

Robert's Photo...

Robert is depicted walking out of the waves with a strategically paced net barely covering his privates. Since Robert could not make the trip to Key West, he was photographed at a residential community called Catawba Cliffs near Lake Erie. A resident interrupted his shoot and demanded the crew leave before she called police.

Mr. December: a Male Hunk

Brandon's Photo...

Brandon is depicted nude sitting atop a cinder block in front of as boat. Brandon's photo was taken in a Port Clinton boat yard filled with junk and debris.

Bonus: a Wrestling Hunk

Jason's Photo...

Jason is depicted wearing a wrestling singlet. While other models were photographed at exotic locale such as Key West, Jason's photo was taken in the photographer's dining room.

Back Cover: a Model Hunk

Kevin's Photo...

Kevin is depicted elevated in a Orchard tree with orange flowers. His Photograph was taken in Key West above Simonton Court resort.

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